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Draw near to God and He will draw near to you

James 4:8

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1st Sunday in Lent - 21st February 2021

On the first Sunday in Lent we think about the chalice. We remember the cup of the Last Supper and the prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane. The prayer that the cup might pass from him.


Lord, we remember that you drank the cup of suffering. We thank you that you know the depths of our experience, and that you are with us in all our times of sorrow and hardship.


2nd Sunday in Lent - 28th February 2021

On the second Sunday in Lent, we think about the money bag, containing thirty pieces of silver. A symbol of Judas’ betrayal.


Lord, we look at this symbol of Judas' betrayal. We know there are times when we betray you, without thinking, for less than Judas. We are ashamed and in this moment acknowledge our part in your crucifixion. Lord forgive us.


3rd Sunday in Lent - 7th March 2021

On the third Sunday in Lent, we think about the crown of thorns. Jesus changed this into a crown of glory. But we remember the soldiers taunting Jesus and beating him after his arrest…. making him wear a crown of thorns.


Lord, there are times when we feel hurt and abandoned, unloved and alone, you were mocked, and to those feelings of loneliness and abandonment was added pain, the pain of the crown of thorns pressed down on your brow. Lord, we are with you now, entering a little into your pain: help us to know that you are always in ours. Amen.

4th Sunday in Lent - 14th March 2021

On the fourth Sunday in Lent, we think about the purple robe. Purple was used for an emperor. The soldiers put the purple robe on Jesus as they mocked Him.


Lord, in all that you suffered, you showed yourself to be the King of peace and King of love. As we follow you, may we bear our sorrows with the grace you showed, so that we may share your resurrection, even as we share your passion. Amen.

5th Sunday in Lent - 21st March 2021

On the fifth Sunday in Lent, we think about the whip. We reflect on the suffering of Jesus and the events leading to the cross. We look at the whip and remember how Jesus was lashed before he was crucified.


Lord, we see cruelty all around us; sometimes we experience it, sometimes we are guilty of it.

Hear our prayer for those who suffer. Wherever there is cruelty, let us work to bring your love and to raise people up.


6th Sunday in Lent - 28th March 2021

On the sixth Sunday in Lent, we think about the palm branch. We remember how the crowds covered the ground with palm leaves as a sign of victory. Also throwing down their cloaks for Jesus as He entered Jerusalem. A cheering crowd, who in a short space of time were turned into a jeering mob shouting “CRUCIFY”.


Heavenly Father, we remember today your Son, Jesus, entering Jerusalem. Although He came humbly, riding on a donkey’s back, He now sits exalted by your right hand. As we enter Holy Week, following His path of suffering, help us to become loyal and steadfast disciples. May we always hear His Word, follow His teachings and live in His Spirit. Amen.

May we find the road that leads to life;

may we take the turns that bring

right relationships;

may we pause to accompany others

on the way;

and may we journey with God through Lent,

and long for the horizon and dawn.

Jesus we come – to walk the road with you –

to follow you to the cross.

We prepare ourselves now to follow in your footprints.

To understand how you died.

To understand how we die.

To understand how you lived.

To understand how we should live.